Investigations on material characteristics and quality of fibre reinforced biopolymers

Warsaw Univerity of Life SciencesInstitute:

Warsaw Univerity of Life Sciences,
Faculty of Wood Technology


159 Nowoursynowska St.,
02 – 776 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 5938630
Fax: +48 22 5938511

Project leader:

Prof. Dr. Ewa Dobrowolska (ewa_dobrowolska(at)

Responsible co-worker:

Prof. Danuta Nicewicz
Piotr Boruszewski, Ph.D.
Piotr Borysiuk, Ph.D.
Mariusz Mamiński, Ph.D.


General: Determination of raw material and product properties.

Specific: Determination of mechanical, dynamical and viscoelastic properties and
weathering and dimensional stability

Description of work:

Investigations on mechanical and surface properties and simulation methods to forecast the behavior in case of environmental impact such as climate and weather on polymer test samples made of modified and unmodified raw materials:

  • Tensile strength (DIN EN 319)
  • Bending strength (DIN EN 310)
  • resistance to axial withdrawal of screws (EN 320)
  • Mechanical properties tests will be performed on Instron 3382 and/or 3369 instruments.
  • Surface hardness (DIN EN 1534 and DIN EN ISO 2039-1)
  • Surface wetting (DIN ISO 8296)
  • Surface energy
  • Photostability
  • For material surface characterization a contact angle analyzer Phoenix 300 (wetting, surface energy) and Solarbox 1500 (UV degradation) will be used.
  • density distribution profile
  • thermal properties (thermal conductivity, thermal diffusity, volume heat capacity)
  • weathering and climate resistance test (DIN EN ISO 877)
  • water uptake and swelling / dimensional stability (ASTM D4446 -05)
  • Density profile will be investigated by X-ray method on a GreCon density analyzer DA-X. Weathering tests will be performed in a climate chamber WK 340 and thermal properties will be examined on heat transfer analyzer Isomet 2104.

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